Collages by Claudia Rossi + Best of the Web

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of my break time falling into deep-dive Instagram holes. You know the type where you click at least 5-6 accounts deep in order to figure out who the artist in the background of a home photo is? Then you click on that artist’s desktop photo to figure out who makes the cool notebooks they have stacked at home? Oh wait, is that just me? Either way, that’s what my breaks have looked like lately. Internet overload aside, it’s led me to some amazing artists and makers whose works have been really inspiring me for the past few weeks.

One of those artists is Claudia Rossi (@directionutopia), an Italian architect living in London who creates colorful and surreal collages that call on classic designs from recent history. Claudia’s work always makes me smile and has been such a fun way to look at design less seriously and enjoy how whimsical things can be when you juxtapose great photos with bold color. I’ve shared some of my favorite pieces from Claudia’s feed above and below, but you can check out more of her work right here on Instagram. Until Monday, have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace


from Design*Sponge


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