In West Sussex, a Family Home Blossoms to Life

In West Sussex, a Family Home Blossoms to Life | Design*Sponge

Ten years ago, Ju de Paula made one of the biggest decisions in her life. After spending a couple of amazing days in London, she came back home to Brazil but couldn’t stop thinking about the city she had fallen for. After pondering for a few weeks, Ju decided to embark on an adventure of a lifetime — she sold her car and flew back to London. She didn’t know anyone and hardly spoke the language, but something just felt right about it all. A month after moving to London, Ju met her husband Kam — the rest is history!

Today, Ju, Kam and their children Jasmin and Zak live in a beautiful, blossoming abode in the English countryside. Before settling into country life, the family lived in a two-bedroom apartment in central London. When their children were born, Ju and Kam started longing for a quieter life and more space for their kids to roam —  moving further out from the city felt like the ideal choice. The couple began looking for a new home in West Sussex, where they could be close to family and still commute to the city. Finding the right property wasn’t easy— Ju and Kam looked at over 30 homes before finally finding the perfect one. For Ju, who works as an interior designer, it was love at first sight. The house needed a lot of TLC, but she instantly knew that it had tons of potential. As soon as the offer on the house was accepted, Ju started the design process, which would transform the house into a gorgeous, pattern-filled sanctuary with personal details and plenty of creative DIY elements.

Ju grew up in a colorful home where her mother was always crafting and singing happily out of tune. “I loved it… it made our home a happy place, always buzzing with energy,” she reminisces. Ju set out to recreate that same joyful environment for her little ones. She wanted the family’s home to be refreshing and original, not to mention budget-friendly. To achieve her vision and to afford some of the high-end wallpapers and fabrics that she and Kam love, it was important to be creative and experimental. Ju learned new skills from Pinterest and YouTube — putting up wallpaper, sewing, upholstering and upcycling all helped her execute the design plan without breaking the bank. Now that Ju has worked her magic around the house, visiting it is a blissful experience. Each space is a unique blend of bold colors and floral patterns that together create a soft yet vibrant atmosphere. The family’s home feels comfortable, bright and personal and is filled with one-off pieces, all thanks to Ju’s wonderfully imaginative solutions. —Sofia

Photography by Alexandra Joseph

Image above: Ju wanted a bold entrance hall, and chose a cobalt blue wallpaper to set the tone for the room. To make the space feel bigger, Ju upholstered a vintage wingback chair in the same blue hue.

from Design*Sponge


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