PepperHarrow Farm + Best of the Web

PepperHarrow Farms + Best of the Web | Design*Sponge

On Sunday evening, Austin and I drove out of town 40 miles to PepperHarrow Farm in Winterset, IA. Austin was photographing the flower farm for an upcoming yoga/music event they’ll be hosting later in the summer, and I tagged along just to see the flowers. When I worked as a magazine editor, I was constantly ordering ridiculous amounts of flowers from California and Amsterdam and having them shipped to Des Moines for photo shoots. Even after I started producing shoots and events on my own, I kept ordering flowers from international wholesalers — but Sunday’s trip had me seeing the error in my ways.

The perfect rolling hills covered in late summer blooms were so breathtaking on Sunday. Adam O’Neal, farmer, florist and co-founder at PepperHarrow Farm showed us around the gardens and talked about plans for the future. In-season, locally sourced flowers can make a big impact environmentally and the flowers look flawless for days (or even a week) longer than they would buying from a retailer or wholesaler. The bouquet we took home looks as fresh as it did that evening. The whole night felt like a dream — a summery, beautiful, small-town dream. Wishing you summertime magic like that this weekend. Lauren

PepperHarrow Farms + Best of the Web | Design*SpongePepperHarrow Farms + Best of the Web | Design*Sponge

Images above: Top two images taken by Austin Day of the gardens and farm. Lower image taken by Adam O’Neal of his arrangement using stems from his farm.



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