8 Basics to Snap up at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

We don’t usually post about retail sales, but if you’ve been anywhere in the lifestyle realm on the Internet this week, you may have seen hundreds of blog posts on the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale. Heck, they even have videos of Ashley Graham (and others) dancing in cool clothes on the sale landing page. Most of the posts I’ve seen have been really fashion-y, so I thought it might be helpful to share some home basics that are majorly discounted. Plus, I’m feeling fine in my secondhand track shorts and gross sports bra, so I had no interest in checking out the clothing.

For full disclosure, I consider myself to be a clearance queen, but came to realize recently that that posture somehow allowed me to rationalize buying more stuff that I didn’t necessarily need. So I’m done. I’m finally onboard with the whole “invest in quality” movement, when, of course, I can afford it. This Nordstrom sale may just be such an occasion when it comes to towels, sheets and other home basics I plan to take into retirement. And no, this isn’t a “sponsored post.” Just some really good deals on some really high-thread-count sheets and hand towels that won’t make my guests all cringey.

So without further ado, I present nine pieces at said sale that have me counting my change and making a birthday list for my Mom. –Caitlin 

P.S. The fancy quotes are from me. They make me feel like I have way more authority than I actually do. Just indulge me.

They’ve got organic, regular and they all have a 400 thread count. And different colors that aren’t too in-your-face. These are sheet sets — fitted, flat, and two pillowcases. Here’s the lowdown on price:

Sale: $65.90–$95.90
After Sale: $89.00–$129.00

More bedding! Even if you used the duvet cover to recover a couple of chair pads, this is a good deal on this season’s Marimekko prints, plus a few of the classics like the flowery Unikko in pink.

Prices start at $66.90
After Sale: $99.99

I have about seven gross hand towels, all with major hanging threads. They’re cheap and not welcoming at all. If you’re in my position, these hand towels are worth checking out.

Sale: $13.90
After Sale: $19.00

All wool! All mine! Well, not yet — but I’m working on it via the birthday list. Pendleton blankets on sale, people. Just a tad over 100 bucks. Run.

Sale: $109.90
After Sale: $169.00

If you have that blanket, this is its friend. Sip whatever you want in it this fall and winter, wrapped up in that Pendleton blanket.

Copper Mug

Sale: $11.90
After Sale: $18.00



Grace swears by Dash & Albert rugs. She says there isn’t a rug brand that has stood up next to her two dogs and cat. There are tons of Dash & Albert rugs on sale in all the colors (and sizes) of the rainbow.

Prices start at $27.90
After Sale: $38.00

Mini latte bowls for everyone! These guys are the snack masters in my house. They’re also workhorses for small chopped ingredients.

Sale: $12.90
After Sale: $20.00

This is the stuff a long bath was made for. I saw a lot of expensive candles on sale, so have at it here if that’s your thing too. The Voluspa candle above is a large two-wick one and it comes in a three-pack — all with different scents. It’s on sale for $29.50 and $48.00 after the sale.

That’s all I have! If you shop the sale and find something spectacular we should all know about, share it in the comments please.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/08/10-basics-to-snap-up-at-the-nordstrom-anniversary-sale-this-weekend.html


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