The Vivid Australian Hideaway of Kip & Co’s Co-Founder

The Vivid Australian Hideaway of Kip & Co's Co-Founder, Design*Sponge

In my nearly three years covering homes for Design*Sponge, no place has provided me with more inspiring interiors than Australia. And it’s not very hard to see why. Many of its vibrant cities are home to hotbeds of fearless designers who aren’t skittish around color and applaud pattern and texture.

One such group of designers are the ladies behind Kip & Co. Founded in 2012 and new to the US this year, they offer a line of bedding and homewares that are as plush as they are vibrant. Throw pillows in velvety peach with glittery cat faces on them, blankets with cheeky oversized tassels: you name it, they’ve taken it and amped it up.

Given the stellar work they create, you can imagine how extremely delighted I was when co-founder Hayley Pannekoecke agreed to let me share her 4,000-square-foot retreat in Victoria, Australia with you all. It’s a masterclass in how to craft a home that’s modern and streamlined but not uninviting and sterile. And it all started with a simple concept: intimacy.

The motivation for such a succinct theme was Hayley and her husband James’ previous home. While pretty, its open concept made it challenging to feel that indefinable homey vibe whilst inside it. So they decided to move and set up shop in a 70s-era mission-style. For two years James revamped and rebuilt the throwback, adding concrete bathtubs he custom made, sinks he crafted and even installing a giant fireplace that runs the length of the entire house!

For her portion of the revitalization, Hayley turned to none other than Kip & Co. The brand’s colorful accessories inject texture and vibrancy into the modern space, amplifying its character and urging the family to take a load off. Pay particular attention to what pieces she’s chosen for her and James’ bedroom. My oh my, is its look enviable. Doused in blush and pale-orange tones, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn’t want to curl up in their each night. Scroll down to check out every bit of this looker. I guarantee you’ll find many things to love about it. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Nikole Ramsay

Image above: The family’s favorite sofa sits under eye-catching indigenous artwork in the living room. The mixing of this modern velvet sofa with rustic artwork is our first peek at Hayley’s love for leaning into textures and character in her interiors.

from Design*Sponge


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