5 Life Lessons I Learned from HGTV’s Good Bones

A few weeks ago I was feeling under the weather and spent the entire day in bed binge-watching TV shows. Typically I like my TV to be in a different realm than my work, so I don’t actually watch much design or home-oriented TV. I like to escape into shows like Claws, Glow, The Handmaid’s Tale and Harlots (I like a strong female lead). But then I discovered Good Bones and that changed.

If you haven’t seen it, Good Bones chronicles the home renovation projects of a Mina and Karen, mother-daughter team from Indianapolis, also known locally as “Two Chicks and a Hammer”. They focus primarily on houses that have been condemned or sold by the city for super low prices (think $30k for a 3 bedroom) and have the eye for trends that Fixer Upper is known for, with a lot more of the DIY can-do grit of Nicole Curtis. What I discovered about the show that I loved so so much was how many mistakes their team makes. Whether it’s pushing a fireplace onto a roof and crashing through to the top floor or almost dropping a house when it’s being jacked up for foundation work, they don’t shy away from sharing their “lessons learned” with the audience, and that is a truly refreshing thing to see.

After an entire season of episodes, I came away wanting to do more work around our own home and feeling like I picked up some life advice as well as home advice. Here is what I took away from a mega-intense dose of Mina and Karen wisdom….

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/07/5-life-lessons-i-learned-from-hgtvs-good-bones.html


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