An Eclectic Home for an Energetic Family in Indiana

An Eclectic Home for an Energetic Family in Indiana via Design*Sponge

With so many Instagrammers sharing inspiration images, it can be difficult to discern whether or not designers are showcasing their own work. When I stumbled upon Jen Streeter’s account, each square presented such a vastly different style, I thought she surely was sharing the work of several designers. I thought wrong. Jen, the fiery red-haired, energetic mom of five, who aptly dubbed herself “Blissfully Eclectic,” collages so many different styles together in her Hebron, Indiana home. Each room becomes a separate experience, but beyond that, each room exudes an invitation to enjoy and discover the many details of the space, so get ready to be energized by design!

Jen and her husband Dave, who together run Jade Construction, were driving around a neighborhood they loved when a for-sale sign led them to a screeching halt. They reversed into the driveway and immediately fell in love with an old, spacious cottage style bungalow whose breathtaking property felt like a getaway. It was the ideal location to raise their five children, who range in age from a high-school grad to a four-year-old. The nearly 7000 sq ft of the late 1800s home meant plenty of room for their kids to be kids. It also meant plenty of room for Jen to unleash her creativity.

The family moved in around Christmas time, and a little over a year later, they began making the home their own, starting with the main living spaces. Jen added personal touches with paint and small renovations, embracing many of the accent features like the brickwork, which she initially planned to hide but decided to embrace. “Sometimes embracing those quirky features can just add eclectic personality that makes your home uniquely you!”

The old home came with plenty of charm, some oddities and a few challenges as a result of additions built over the years. The more unusual aspects of the home include an indoor lap pool and elevator. The more challenging aspects include the kitchen. “Our home actually has two working kitchen areas that are side by side. One of them has a gigantic wood-burning pizza oven that feels more like an eyesore than a perk. Many hours of planning have gone into trying to renovate this rather large area of our home on both a budget and a limited timeline.” Challenges aside, in three years time, Jen has been able to achieve her goals to make the home modern and functional for a big family, with a glam, eclectic feel. –Quelcy

Photography by Nick Feliciano

Image Above: The Streeters’ home has multiple sitting rooms, and the black and white schemed room is a favorite of her teenagers and their friends. Jen painted the black triangle accent for her gallery wall, then added graphic and saturated touches like the rug and the Novogratz green sofa.

from Design*Sponge


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