It’s Always Summer in this Bohemian Australian Rental

It's Always Summer in this Bohemian Australian Rental, Design*Sponge

We all have a favorite season. That one moment in time where we feel most alive. For me, it’s fall. The crisp chill in the air, the smell of homemade pie and the anticipation of the upcoming holidays always bring a smile to my face. Interior stylist Eva Loyola is one creative soul whose favorite season is the polar opposite of mine. Hers is full of beaches, bathing suits and ice-cold lemonade. She’s a summer gal through and through. She loves it so much, she even transformed her rental so she could bask in the cheeriness of the season year-round.

The design began, as so many successful looks do, with a blank slate. A two-bedroom, Tweed Valley, Australia blank slate to be exact. Eva admits it wasn’t much to look at when she and her daughter Lucia moved in, but it was cozy and quaint and (more importantly) ripe for rejuvenation. Over time, the pair tirelessly infused pattern, color and greenery into the apartment until it brought as many smiles to their faces as the longest of summer days. And surprisingly, most of the vintage accessories they used to do so barely cost the duo anything at all. Thanks, internet! You read that right. Nearly all of this place’s decorations came from resale sites and online classifieds. Eva would see a listing, snag it and pack up her car so she and Lucia could jet over and get the goodie before it disappeared.

The process could have easily turned irksome, but as time went on, the thrifting trips began to mean more and more to the family. Without realizing it, simple jaunts to snag some chairs and rugs had become road trips full of fond memories and endless laughs. A thrifty find, belly laughs and quality time for a mother and daughter? Now that sounds like the perfect decorating strategy, Eva. Scroll down to see each and every find she and Lucia came across on their many journeys and get ready to feel the summer vibes they’re letting of. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Jye Wilson

Image above: It’s not unusual for this thrifty mother of one to travel far and wide to pick up a deal she’s come across on Craigslist-esque site Gumtree. This rug, for example, took her miles from home but only set her back $50, and this IKEA sofa was free.

from Design*Sponge


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