A Newlywed Couple’s Lucky Find in Boston, MA

A Newlywed Couple's Lucky Find in Boston, MA, Design*Sponge

Surprises can go one of two ways: really great or really not so great. Oftentimes when we hear about homeowners being surprised during their hunt for a new abode, it’s the latter type. Sometimes a home they fall for ends up not passing inspection, or the process lags on and on, causing frustrations to rise and excitement to wane. As someone on the precipice of homeownership, I sometimes find it hard to keep these horror stories from replaying in the back of my head as I sort through potential options for myself. That being said, it’s ultra-reassuring when I speak to homeowners whose experience was surprisingly fabulous and straightforward. Enter founder of Space + Habit Madison Wetter and his husband Sky Whorton. Miraculously, the first home their realtor took them to ended up being the perfect fit.

Madison describes the stroke of luck as the “Wetter Curse.” The facetious term sounds scary, but it actually came about after his mother looked back on a few serendipitous events that occurred while purchasing her last three homes. She realized each of them had one thing in common: they were all the first option she looked at when she was house hunting. What a lucky lady. And what a lucky guy Madison is for having inherited the gene!

His and Sky’s surprise at finding a good fit right out of the gate was more than welcome (especially in the competitive Boston, MA market) and set the duo up to move into their condo with a gusto untainted by an arduous search for “home.” This enthusiasm is never more clear than in the cheerful-and-bright design touches decor-enthusiast Madison has peppered into every room of the spacious three-bedroom, three-bath house. There are terra-cotta colored walls, teal walls, yellow dressers and much more all poised and ready to bring a smile to guests’ faces the second they step inside.

All in all, I’m sure you’ll find many things to love about these guys’ spot, but at the end of the day, the most memorable aspect of this modern space isn’t what it holds at all. It’s what it embodies. Madison and Sky were married inside these very walls less than a year ago, so this house truly represents the starting point of the rest of their lives. And if it happens to be pretty and gleeful, so be it! Scroll down to sneak a peek at the happy-go-lucky space, and congrats, boys! Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Madison Wetter

Image above: The guest bedroom’s wall hanging — inspired by one from West Elm — took Madison a few weeks to complete but saved him some major cash. He used Christmas ornaments, alpaca wool and copper piping to get the look he craved. This salvaged dresser, a dumpster find, has also gotten the Madison touch over the years. It has been black and teal, but it pops more than ever thanks to its latest yellow hue.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/07/a-newlywed-couples-lucky-find-in-boston-ma.html


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