In Tribeca, a Loft that Marries Form & Function

In Tribeca, a Loft that Marries Form & Function, Design*Sponge

Many times, someone selling their home hopes to hear exuberance in a buyer’s voice as they make their way from room to room. Leaving a potential buyer speechless, however, can sometimes be an even better reaction. That’s exactly how marketing executive Alissa Lovens and her husband Jonah, a digital marketer, reacted after popping into this Tribeca, NY loft for the first time. It was so perfect for them and their pup, they didn’t know what to say.

It’s not hard to see why the loft immediately won them over. Its open concept, exposed brick and abundance of space couldn’t be beat. The latter, albeit enviable, initially proved to be a bit of a challenge though as the pair had grown accustomed to fitting their lives into a shoebox-sized home (as is the struggle of most New Yorkers). Determined to tackle this larger footprint with gusto, the pair cleverly called in the professionals at Homepolish to help out. With the assistance of Tali Roth, one of their talented designers, the trio outfitted the home in layers of mixed materials in hopes of setting the mood for both relaxing and entertaining.

As we’ve learned from other well-exectuted homes, the masterminds behind them must keep their client’s vision top of mind throughout their process, and Tali has done so beautifully here. Every piece of furniture, paint color and wallpaper choice she’s overseen has checked off all of the family’s boxes. And while all of her decisions helped her clients make the most of their home, her most ingenious move was turning the coat closet into a reading nook. Decked out in camel-colored pillows and doused in a rich green hue, the little slice of solitude has proven to be a luxury for the pair.

That fabulous feature is just one of the many spots throughout the space that I’m sure you’ll love, so scroll down to check them all out for yourself and enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Julia Robbs

Image above: The wall-to-wall shelving in the Tribeca loft not only provides a fabulous backdrop for furniture of all styles but offers a beaucoup of storage. It also helps the living room, study and at-home bar seamlessly flow into one another. In short, the piece embodies that so-hard-to-nail balance of form and function.

from Design*Sponge


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