Paintings by Sally West + Best of the Web

I’ve been staring at this painting by Sally West for the better part of the week. Of all the beach iconography and photography out there this time of year, I’ve been reveling in this abstract take on the ocean and it’s beachgoers. It’s so refreshing to have abstract imagery that finds the perfect middle ground between current trends (the beach! summer!) and simply distilling the experience down to a subjective essence. This is a beach I want to go to – colorful, not too crowded and full of appreciation and life. Thanks, Sally, for the perfect escape.

Below you’ll find some notable news from around the web. Wishing you a fantastic weekend with zero humidity! Meet me at Sally’s beach. I’ll be the one in the polka dot one-piece. –Caitlin

Author’s Note: The links included below visit articles on the web, not simply products, so do check out the stories if you’re so inclined.

The power reflected in this bride and bridal party’s image is very compelling. Bria Shelton and Eric Brown modeled their wedding ensembles after Solange Knowles all-white wedding and that cape on a non-celebrity bride is so, so good.

Gucci is entering the home décor market with several pieces featuring the sublime and playful color combo of red and pink. While the goods are pricey and out of reach for most of us, I could stare at that cat pillow until I fall asleep.

Memphis Group’s Nathalie du Pasquier new work on display in London are breathtaking arrangements of color and shapes. Definitely worth a look over at Dezeen.

I’m curious to try the new online purveyor of non-branded goods all priced at $3. The organic selections seem to sell out fast, but the idea is so promising. Following the never-ending grocery retail events these days is a fascinating look into the future.

I’m not going to touch all of the social issues that Netflix’s new series Glow may inspire discussions galore about here. I am going to say Alison Brie and her character Ruth, a down-on-her-luck actor turned wrestler, gets me in the gut every single episode. She’s a performer that is so worth my time.

Paola Paronetto‘s ceramics made of paper and clay strike me as little cities filled with texture and whole lot of playful imagination. Image by Studio Auber

The product picks in the coaster realm share some of the more artful ones on the market.

Ah! Florals in the home! Here are some of our favorites.

This grist mill formerly inhabited by my late stepmother, Patrinka, was filled with so much love.

The hand-painted walls in the home are amazing. This is a fabulous home tour.

Weave and dye this weekend. This DIY is a great beginners project!

Painting and light fill this Brooklyn apartment and the calm is palatable.

from Design*Sponge


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