10 Magical Doorways to Inspire


Doors play such a powerful and important role in a home. They provide safety and a practical function, but they also represent so much more when it comes to the way you want people to feel when they first see your home, apartment or building. I have a soft spot for colorful doors, but my heart belongs to any entryway that feels like something magical is hiding just behind it. From antique herringbone doors to hot pink modern doors to doors with decorative painted and ironwork trim, these small design elements can sometimes have the biggest impact. So today I’m sharing 10 of the most magical doorways to inspire your home and, if you’re not in the mood for a redecorating or painting, hopefully these can inspire some metaphorical new doorways and paths in your day. xo, grace



Images above: (Top) Dreamy hot pink painted doorway, shared by @insta__gare Photo by Victor Fernandez, (Middle) Colorful painted studio door from @kaitcast , (Bottom) Owl Door, the most magical of all, in Copenhagen.


This amazing European storefront that @hernamewascharlie posted feels like the entrance to a secret garden.


This building’s hot pink paint and fuchsia plants are already outstanding, but the billowy curtained doors and windows feel like a dream house come to life. Photo via @photobyshannon


I love the wildness of this floral installation above the door of Franklin Panama (a clothing store in Panama) that @vitalerie shared.


The amazing decorative details about these doors make them feel like the most beautiful “choose your own adventure” game. Photo by @Patrix15


These amazing Moroccan doors have incredible ironwork that makes them feel like the entrance to a someplace special. Photo by @morugco


This incredible purple vine makes this sweet rounded door feel even more inviting. Photo by @green.couch


I saved my favorite for last: this stunning molded door was spotted by @ettavee in Paris.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/07/10-magical-doorways-to-inspire.html


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