welcome to the jungleland.

plant-filled williamsburg apartment tour. / sfgirlbybay

Shabd Simon-Alexander’s New York city Apartment may be a little bit more like a nursery than your typical home, but it is indeed where she lives. after trying her green thumb out in a dark apartment, she had no success, but after moving to this delightfully well-lit loft space she tried again and found great success. so much so that rather than fill her williamsburg apartment with furniture, she opted for greenery — nursing rejects back to life and taking cuttings where she could find them, she now lives in this gorgeous green space! for the full tour, visit gardenista.

urban jungle of potted plans in williamsburg apartment. / sfgirlbybay

modern nyc apartment with lots of potted plants. / sfgirlbybay

painted white floors and potted plants. / sfgirlbybay

• photography via gardenista.

from sfgirlbybay http://www.sfgirlbybay.com/2017/07/13/welcome-to-the-jungleland/


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