A Brooklyn Couple With An Appreciation Of Art & Creations From Around The World

Mallory Fletchall and David Rhoads (plus their two cats, Michael and Kiki) share this amazing textile and art-filled Greenpoint, Brooklyn home. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself admiring the textiles in Mallory and David’s apartment; it’s especially rife with treasures because Mallory runs an online shop, The Reserve, that specializes in Moroccan textiles for the home.  David is a painter, as well as the Collections Manager in the Department of the Arts of Africa, Oceania and the Americas, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Clearly this couple is going to have a home that is filled with treasures from around the globe and walls that are adorned with artists that are admired, and even friends, of the couple.

Mallory and David moved to New York from Kansas City two years ago when David had the incredible opportunity to work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mallory’s business is run from her home, and when David is home he spends a lot of his time working in his art studio, meaning they’re always more than happy to spend time in the wonderful home they’ve created together. When they’re not pursuing their passions, they love playing games, watching movies on their projector, listening to records, working on house projects, and spending time with each other and their cats.

Mallory considers herself a history buff and loves how fortunate they were that their home still had the original floors, moldings, and other unique details. They’re most thankful for the incredible natural light that their home has, something most city dwellers know not to take for granted. When they first saw their apartment (which, by the way, was the first and last apartment they saw!), they were shocked to see that there was an entire wall of storage, making them almost have too much storage space– Mallory does her best not brag at this fact! However, as perfect as their apartment is for them, it does still have its challenges, being a typical “walk-through” Brooklyn layout means that since their “bedroom” is used as David’s art studio that their actual bedroom space is just off of the dining room in a walk-through space. You have to walk past the bed to get to the kitchen and there isn’t direct sunlight in that space, but having an open concept type of space in the two front rooms makes up for the creative use for their bedroom! Now, the kitchen is something they’d be more than happy to have owner-permission to update.

Functionality was paramount for this creative couple when planning out the design of their home, “I needed to make sure that I was able to have space enough to work (hello dining room table!), and room to style photos for my website and brand social media. Modularity and maneuverability were essential. Our living room, whether it likes it or not, is now the star of my Instagram page.” Mallory and David have such an eclectic collection of art and patterns and textiles, so they’re happy to let their white walls allow all of those unique pieces to really shine in their space. Mallory wanted to create a comfortable and inviting home, particularly because she spends most of her days there, working. David’s art studio has been a dream, especially considering their Kansas City “art studio” was a dark cave-like basement. While they’re more than happy with their home now, they admit they love rearranging and thinking about new ways to make their home even more comfortable and functional. -Rebekah

Photography by Mallory Fletchall.

Above image: Mallory shares her dining room design inspiration, “The second half of the front room doubles as a dining room and listening corner. David designed and built our modular credenza which fits the space perfectly and works great for record storage. We tried to make this room a little more bold and modern to offshoot the boho feel of the living room. Helping the cause is our new chandelier from West Elm. Opposite the table is a wall of cabinets and closets that house our movie collection, one of our favorite features of the apartment.”

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/07/a-brooklyn-couple-with-an-appreciation-of-art-creations-from-around-the-world.html


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