A Celebrated Chef’s Laid-Back Seattle Craftsman

A Celebrated Chef's Laid-Back Seattle Craftsman, Design*Sponge

When homeowners send me pictures, oftentimes it’s hard to decipher their passions or professions based solely on their houses’ styles. On occasion though, a home comes across my email that has me immediately thinking, Oh this person must love doing ______. I had one of these moments recently when I took a peek at chef Renee Erickson’s Seattle, WA Craftsman. The kitchen inside, which she passionately commands alongside her husband Dan, was so fabulous looking and decked out, it left little doubt in my mind about whether or not the couple were foodies. I had no idea though just how passionate about food Renee was in particular.

As I got to know her a bit better, that quickly changed. I learned she’s won a little accolade you may have heard of: the James Beard award! Color me super-duper impressed. As if that accomplishment wasn’t enough, in between opening restaurants and designing menus, this star chef has somehow found the time to make her home into a dream abode, giving it a cozy-and-casual vibe thanks to a collection of artwork and textiles from far off places.

While these additions make every room in her and Dan’s house a stunner, the kitchen, as I mentioned, is one room in particular that’s gotten special attention from Renee’s magic touch. 15 years ago when she first moved in, it was outfitted with a choppy layout and got minimal sunlight. To make it a more enjoyable place to experiment in, she’s since installed big windows above the sink that let cool air in and keep hot air out while pots are bubbling. She also tore down a wall, opening the room up so she and Dan can more comfortably enjoy the space.

All of these tweaks pale in comparison to the stellar job she’s done making the kitchen cabinetry the star of the show though. It’s painted in Renee’s favorite color and keeps everything she needs at arms reach when she’s bopping away on some new dish. They even cleverly installed a counter-height fridge and freezer alongside them in order to optimize counter space. Smart move, team! Eye-catching and bold, this zippy paint job is by far my absolute favorite aspect of her and Dan’s comfy space, and I know you’ll love it too. Scroll down to take a peek at every inch of this duo’s home, and enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Jim Henkens

Image above: Unsurprisingly, the kitchen is the true heart of Renee and Dan’s home. During its recent renovation it got four new windows, fresh lighting and an open feel thanks to some clever tear downs. While its new look is a stunner overall, my favorite additions are the under-counter fridge/freezer (which allowed the family to optimize counter space), and these hypnotic cabinets. I’ll give you one guess what Renee’s favorite color is.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/06/a-celebrated-chefs-laid-back-seattle-craftsman.html


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