Shop Tour: The Farmer’s Daughter Flower Shop

Flowers are like a second language, a language which I have a hard time wrapping my brain and tongue around. Their exotic names often escape me, but I love to think of them like I think about paper or paint- materials to be sculpted or composed. Lauren Work Phillips is someone who can both speak flowers, as well as compose and sculpt them. She pours her passion into her blooms, from planting seeds at her family farm, to delivering painterly arrangements to events in the city. She’s one of the most passionate and energizing people to be around, which makes popping into her Pittsburgh brick-and-mortar all the more enticing.  

Lauren honed her floral skills working for Zuzu’s Petals, a flower shop in Brooklyn. She was surrounded and nurtured by other talented women who really loved flowers, so Lauren learned to appreciate, respect and care for every bloom she touched. Most importantly, she was encouraged to put herself into her work, and though she loved that work, she missed the simplicity and beauty of nature. Having grown up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania, she longed for dirt and fresh air, so she returned to nearby Pittsburgh with a strong vision to create a floral business rooted in her family’s farm.

Her vision also included a shop – a place to combine her floral services with plant-inspired gifts. The perfect location finally presented itself- a storefront in the historic Deutschtown neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers was born. The space was a blank canvas – white walls and a subfloor, which Lauren and her husband Paul spent seven months transforming. The shop’s design had been such a long time coming. Lauren said, “The piece that we built the entire shop around was a 5’x7′ Dutch inspired floral painting. My husband bought it for me while we were still living in Brooklyn to put in my future flower shop.”

Today, shopper after shopper ‘grams that dramatic framed piece. It’d be easy to chalk up the shop to destiny, but “Work” is Lauren’s middle name after all. She has hustled hard and put her heart into her craft, and she takes nothing for granted. “The shop is filled with laughter, music, and coffee. I consider myself the luckiest to be surrounded by the most creative ladies and a wonderful husband on a daily basis. I am also so thankful for the clients/customers the shop attracts. We have created some wonderful relationships with wonderful people!” See what I mean? Don’t you just want to catch Lauren’s positive energy? You owe yourself a visit! –Quelcy

Photography by Quelcy.

Image Above: A wall in The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers showcases Lauren Works Phillips’ desire to combine dark, moody tones with lighter, whimsical products. 

from Design*Sponge


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