Jersey City’s Urby Residences

Jersey City's Urby Residences, Design*Sponge

Increasing rents sure aren’t going anywhere. You know who is going somewhere though? The people paying those skyrocketing rents. They’re going everywhere: out to eat, movies, traveling abroad, etc. In a nutshell,  they’re a group unapologetically on the hunt for new experiences, connection and fun, even if that means not saving money with their choice of living space and sacrificing a little square footage.

One company that’s heard the cry of young renters looking for affordable, yet stylish, housing is Urby. Offered in three sizes, the units they’ve created are absolutely more streamlined and quaint than similar housing options. But that’s a-ok with those who live there. What they lack in square footage, they make up for in communal spaces and opportunities to experience new things.

It all starts in the building’s lobby. Upon stepping inside, residents and guests are immediately enveloped by a café bustling with neighbors and creatives collaborating and laughing together at communal tables. Explore the building further and you’ll find community kitchens where the house chef teaches residents the art of cooking his or her favorite delights. If chatting over coffee or cooking isn’t your thing, simply hit up the resident artists or musicians. Both are eager to impart their wisdom on those who call Urby “home.”

I think you’ll agree after taking a peek at its interior and facade that Urby is a playful space, but by the sounds of it, they take one thing very seriously: enriching the lives of their residents. Affordability and enrichment? I’m in! Where do I sign? Scroll to take further a peek at the colorful and purposeful design of Jersey City’s Urby. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Ewout Huibers 

Design by concrete

Managed by Ironstate Development

Image above: The second in Urby’s set of residences, the Jersey City location, boasts communal kitchens that not only offers residents a spot to meet and chill with their neighbors, but an in-house chef who hosts weekly cooking classes. The opportunities to learn don’t stop there though. Urby also employs a music teacher, artist and a farmer that will happily teach any resident their trade.

from Design*Sponge


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