Design from A to Z: J is for Juxtaposition

Design from A to Z: J is for Juxtaposition | Design*Sponge

While Design*Sponge believes there are no rules when it comes to designing a personal, beautiful home, most of the design world disagrees. There’s a method, reason and rule behind almost every piece brought into a design. Rules on color, era, scale, style, texture and material keep things from feeling off. The most curious and fun loophole to the rules is juxtaposition. Pairing things that are so opposite, it somehow works. “So wrong it’s right” is the perfect phrase when it comes to describing interiors with juxtaposition. To some, these designs might be off-putting or a little uncomfortable, but they sure are intriguing. Really beautiful things (the Louvre, for one) have happened in design when instead of going with the status-quo, designers take it to the other extreme.

To show our gratitude for these rebellious designers, homeowners and artists, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite uses of juxtaposition in the home. These spaces go far beyond eclectic and showcase truly genius match-ups. Are you a style purist, an eclectic, or do you push the limits and juxtapose in your space? Scroll through and see if any of the unique combos speak to you. Enjoy! –Lauren

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