Before & After: A Nursery Inspired By Wallpaper

Emily and Aaron May live in an American Four Square home built in 1904 in Covington, Kentucky with their three boys, and dog, Biggie. While they’re both in the marketing innovation field by day, once their boys are asleep they each pursue their own creative endeavors. For Emily, that’s her home design service and blog, Go Haus Go, and Aaron is the founder and creator behind the apparel and goods company, Mayhem Supply Company. While their house is over 100 years old, Emily has been pleased by how surprisingly open the home is. She’s always striving to find the perfect balance between aesthetic and functionality with a historic home that is also shared with three little ones.

The Beetle wallpaper by Porter Paints/ Sydney Harbour Paint Company was one of Emily’s dream decor items, and when they found out their third child was on the way, she jumped at the opportunity to finally use it. In between the dream items, the functional ones, and a few DIYs, baby Otto’s room went from a guest room to a charming nursery (possibly) fit for a future entomologist! Read on to see what nursery staples Emily can’t live without and how she’s bringing old and new together in Otto’s adorable space. —Rebekah

Photography by Emily May

Image Above: The “Beetle” wallpaper that started it all — a longtime favorite of Emily’s by Porter Paints/Sydney Harbour Paint Company. 

from Design*Sponge


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