A Sunny California Home with Bright and Happy Details

A Sunny California Home with Bright and Happy Details | Design*Sponge

When Vicki and Travis Taylor moved from California to Chicago in 2008, they always knew they would return to their home state eventually. The move to the windy city allowed Travis to build his property management business, but also meant that the couple had to leave behind the new build that they had purchased just a year earlier. They decided to rent out their house, and return to their small San Luis Obispo community when the timing felt right. What Vicki and Travis didn’t realize at the time was how perfectly fit for them this home would be when they’d move back five years later with two young boys in tow.

After their time away, Vicki and Travis wanted to start fresh — before moving back in, they painted almost the entire house and replaced all carpets with beautiful eucalyptus plank floors. Breathing personality into their home — so that it feels unique and different from others in the planned neighborhood that they live in — has been a fun challenge for the family. Bringing only a few selected pieces back from Chicago has allowed them to slowly collect unique items for their home. Vicki, who has gradually been filling up her time with home styling clients locally and via Skype, also loves helping others turn their homes into happy places, using what they have and suggesting new pieces.

To create rooms that feel special and full of charm, Vicki has opted for various bold patterns and hues throughout her home. When it comes to color, Vicki doesn’t believe in rules about what goes with what — it just has to feel right. “Color, an eclectic mix of new and old, and sentimental pieces are the three basics that I feel are important building blocks in re-creating a space,” she shares.

The family’s house, located in a quiet neighborhood overlooking green horse pastures, has also turned out to be the perfect place for their two sons, Declan and Dash, to grow up. Travis still works in Chicago, but the upsides of California living override the downsides of traveling. “His lengthy commute is well worth it so that we can raise our family in this beautiful place,” Vicki explains.

Vicki also wanted the family’s home to function as a play and learning space for her boys. Both of them attend Montessori school, and Vicki has tried to model that concept at home. She has included toys and materials in each room of the house, offering the boys a chance to initiate play and creation at any time. To make this work, Vicki has sourced furniture that can easily display or store the boys’ toys and games — one of her favorite finds is a vintage tobacco cabinet with small drawers, now filled with Legos, crayons, paints and other art tools. With unique and creative solutions, Vicki and her family have turned their modern house into a home that feels comfortable and welcoming, and that celebrates creativity in all shapes and forms. Scroll down for a taste of this happy and colorful home!Sofia

Photography by Lisa Mallory, floor plan photo by Vicki Taylor

Image above: The living room soaks in sunlight thanks to the tall windows facing three directions. “I am so thankful for the bright light that pours into practically every room,” Vicki shares. Vicki chose to add interest to the large living room wall by designing a custom shelving unit — it holds an ever-changing mix of art, toys and vintage pieces.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/06/a-sunny-california-home-with-bright-and-happy-details.html


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