6 Summertime Coaster DIYs

Coasters are kind of the unsung heroines of summertime. They don’t take center stage like the stately pitcher filled with fresh lemonade or the tall, frosty glass of pink-hued spritzers, but rather they sit unassumingly in support of the inevitable drips that come from the simple pleasure of enjoying a cold beverage on a hot day.

Today we’ve rounded up six of our favorite coaster DIYs from the archives, not only for possible weekend projects, but also for inspiration to dream up your own design. Coasters are a relatively small DIY to tackle and the personalized possibilities are almost endless. I’m a big fan of customizing plexiglass with paint pens or colored paper designs on the bottom and then adding a bottom layer of felt. Whatever materials you choose to work with, these practical and decorative workhorses will get a lot of use in your home this summer! –Caitlin

These tile-based marbled coasters are a great option for customizing with a color story that pairs with your home décor or simply your favorite color combos! See the full tutorial right here.

If your a DIY novice (or short on time for experimentation and learning curves), felt is the material for you! These simple, but hardworking, felt coaster are not only pretty, but the do the whole absorption thing very well. See the full tutorial right here.

These rubber “lace” coasters are begging for your own decorative elements to a be added. Also, consider some permanent color from a Sharpie or two and you’re all set for a two hour, practical DIY project. See the full tutorial right here.

These modern, abstract coasters are a blank canvas for you to design away with. Skip the leather and opt for another material like plexi or tile. See the full tutorial right here.

We love these beaded coasters, even though they were designed for hot beverages. With a little engineering imagination, they can be mounted on cork, felt or another material so prevent drips from hitting the surface. See the full tutorial right here.

These Moroccan pattern coasters can be made from faux-leather too. This tutorial comes with a free pattern downloads to save you some work! See the full tutorial right here.



from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/06/6-summertime-coaster-diys.html


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