Paintings by Lily Stockman + Best of the Web

Lily Stockman, on Design*Sponge

As I prepare to welcome my second daughter into the world, I’m having a lot of special feelings about mothers, parents and families in general. So today it feels appropriate to celebrate the work of someone I admire who just became a mother herself: Lily Stockman, painter and co-founder of Block Shop Textiles. I first fell in love with Lily’s work two summers ago when Grace, Sasha and I visited the Block Shop headquarters in Los Angeles to photograph Lily and her sister Hopie for our book, In the Company of Women. But Lily’s mastery of the paintbrush began long before that — she graduated in 2006 from Harvard University where she studied painting and botany, studied pigment and Mughal miniature painting in Jaipur, and eventually made her way to NYU where she received her MFA in studio art and taught painting for two years.

Impressive resume aside, what strikes me most about Lily’s work and skill is how it makes me feel. The vibrant colors she uses through her paintings are energizing and calming at the same time, the forms of which evoke both subtle movement and harmonizing symmetry. And, those lucky enough to know this force of nature personally know how aptly her works reflect her personality. Check out more of Lily’s work here and below, and we’ll see you back here on Monday! —Kelli

Lily Stockman on Design*Sponge

from Design*Sponge


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