10 Amazing Pink Bars and Restaurants

10 Amazing Pink Bars and Restaurants | Design*Sponge

When I was little, pink used to be my absolute favorite color. My love for it turned into an obsession, and I refused to wear anything that wasn’t frilly or between pale blush and hot pink. Eventually, and in my opinion luckily, I grew out of it.

Now that I’m older and my interests have slowly shifted from tutus to interiors, I’m happy to say that I’ve found pink again. The reason why I’m particularly fond of pink is its versatility — it goes so well with so many colors! Pink and navy is a classic pairing that never fails, and need I mention pink and green, the color combination that just keeps on giving?

Many of us here at Design*Sponge are big fans of pink, and what has really caught our eye lately is the amount of bars and restaurants that have embraced pink wholeheartedly, whether combined with other beautiful hues or used entirely on its own. To share the love, we’ve gathered 10 incredible spaces that have jumped on the pink bandwagon. They prove just how wonderful our favorite color can be!Sofia

Image above: Located under and around the stairs of an old movie theatre, Pink Room, a speakeasy style bar in Kiev, Ukraine, has a nostalgic feel straight out of old motion pictures. Design and photo by Circle Line.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/06/10-amazing-pink-bars-and-restaurants.html


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