This Midwestern Home Celebrates the Art of Collecting

This Midwestern Home Celebrates the Art of Collecting, Design*Sponge

I’m currently in the process of moving into a larger apartment with a special someone. My first apartment, while sentimental for various reasons, was my home during a time when I didn’t have the resources to make it look exactly how I wanted it to. I had to scrounge up affordable finds from here and there and compromise because of its size and layout. But this new apartment is going to be designed precisely to my liking once it’s finished.

Fellow design-enthusiast and jeweler Annika Kaplan totally relates to my eagerness. For years she was bridled by having to honor roommates’ and family members’ opinions of her living space. Two years ago, however, she set out on her own for the first time, and she too was finally given the chance to decorate a space as only she saw fit. The result of this uncontrolled design is a colorful and eclectic space that I’m so happy she’s letting us share with y’all today.

Most of Annika’s Minneapolis, MN home’s pizzazz comes courtesy of her collector’s sensibility and a backlog of finds that were just waiting to be seen once she had her own place. These aren’t simple prints or mass-produced accessories either. Whether made of paper, woven or kilned, nearly every piece is one of a kind or a limited-run creation. And nearly every one has a story behind how it was made, the artist who made it, or how it came to be in her home. I can honestly say that there isn’t one decoration inside this home that I recognize from another. How exciting is that?!

These curated details and design originality are all a part of what Annika calls her “museum of beautiful memories,” and you have to see them all. P.S. Did I mention her apartment’s located inside a 100-year-old commercial baking facility? Be sure to click through. I know you will enjoy it! —Garrett

Photography by Zoe Prinds-Flash

Image above: Annika scored this console from Blu Dot after posing in one of their catalogs. She says it’s one of the best trades she’s ever made.

from Design*Sponge


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