Before & After: A Budget-Conscious Kitchen and Dining Room Makeover

Ashley and Luke Mayes’ home in Springfield, MO is being transformed room by room. The 3,800-square-foot house was full of carpeted bathrooms, wallpaper in every room and loads of outdated finishes when they got the keys. Ashley, home blogger at Bigger Than the Three of Us, and Luke, software manager at Experian, have been fast learners and eager to DIY everything themselves. Their kitchen and dining room have been changed dramatically between a few spacial and cosmetic improvements. “We do almost all the work ourselves. Our biggest renovation to date was our kitchen, eat-in and dining space. Those spaces definitely set the tone for the rest of the house,” Ashley shares.

To make the kitchen as cost effective as possible, Ashley and Luke decided to use the existing lower cabinets with new handmade doors and a few coats of dark grey paint. They kept the granite countertops and while the stone isn’t preferred by Ashley, the savings were far too great to consider the alternative. The wall that used to house a pantry, desk and fridge were reworked with the refrigerator and pantry swapped and range and counter space where the desk used to be. The doorway leading to the dining room was removed and the wall opening was widened, allowing the two spaces to flow into each other. “I love how the dining room flows into the kitchen space. A funny story about the wall that the dining and kitchen share: We knew the wall wasn’t load bearing, so we started taking it down one day. We got to a 2×4 that was just stubborn. Luke looked at it and started to go get some different tools to help get it down. I looked at it and just went for it,” Ashley laughs. “I hung on it to loosen it up and it worked!” The dining room was given new wallpaper and a chandelier. The entire living area also received new flooring.

While there are plenty of big-ticket items in the Mayes’ dining room and kitchen project, they worked primarily with refinishing and updating existing pieces where they could. “We want to create a space that feels like us while matching the home style (which tends to be more classic) with our style (we love mid-century), all while not having anything too precious or fussy so that friends and family will feel comfortable,” Ashley shares. The end result is a space that looks completely new, even though the main components have just been given a facelift. –Lauren

Photography by Ashley Mayes

from Design*Sponge


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