best of: bene’s home in barcelona.

bene's house barcelona. / sfgirlbybay

this week dwell magazine featured the home of architect Benedetta Tagliabue — a crumbling 18th-century flat in the middle of Barcelona. i don’t think i’ve ever seen such elaborate and gorgeous moldings the likes of these, especially in their dining room — simply not to be surpassed! the incredibly beautiful tagliabue home has reached almost mythical status among the city’s architects and designers — “Have you ever been to Bene’s house?” is a question often heard in the city’s gatherings. for a full tour, and the complete story head on over to dwell.

architect Benedetta Tagliabue's home in barcelona. / sfgirlbybay

at home with architect Benedetta Tagliabue. / sfgirlbybay

architect Benedetta Tagliabue's colorful home. / sfgirlbybay

architect Benedetta Tagliabue home tour in Spain. / sfgirlbybay

home of architect Benedetta Tagliabue. / sfgirlbybay

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