10 Illustrators to Follow on Instagram


10 Illustrators To Follow

In my second-grade classroom, we each had a run at the large bulletin board, the coveted chance to show and tell the many life experiences we had amassed by the ripe old age of seven-going-on-eight. Curating one’s life story earned the spotlight for the show ‘n tell circle. I LOVED that limelight just as much as I loved learning about my friends.

Consider this roundup my modern day bulletin board pinned with 10 illustrators worth following. Except, since it’s my bulletin board, I’m sharing why these illustrators jumped out at me, many of them making me squeal audibly with delight. This is show and tell, and we’re making our way around the circle, so add your own illustrators to the mix, along with your stories in the comments. —Quelcy

Image Above: I work as a food stylist and spend plenty of time obsessing over cocktails, glassware and garnishes, but this illustration has me obsessing over Valeria Danilova’s watercolor abilities. They leap off the page and make me thirsty!

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/06/10-illustrators-to-follow-on-instagram.html


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