Good Reads (& Re-Reads) To Enjoy Any Time of Year

This time of year, summer reading recommendations flower across the Internet like honeysuckle vines. If I catch a whiff of that sweet, intoxicating smell in real life, I know that when I go back to a screen, I’ll be greeted with book lists from every corner of the web. This is mine.

Truth be told, summer ends up being way busier than the rest of the year for me. My daughter is out of school, friends and family are reaching milestones that call for celebrations, and the outdoors keep screaming my name. Lounging by the pool with a fruity drink and a book does not happen here.

With this in mind, I thought I’d create a “no-pressure” reading list for anyone who wants to make some time to delve into an alternate universe and come out thinking, smiling or both. From the Young Adult debut novel from a Mississippian to a non-fiction account of one of the most mysterious cases of self-identity in my lifetime, I’m ready to read these books in bed with a flashlight if I have to. I’d love to hear your recommendations, so please do share in the comments.  –Caitlin

from Design*Sponge


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