friday finds.

friday finds. / sfgirlbybay

happy friday, everyone! what a busy week!! but that’s partly because i am headed to barcelona on monday and will be there for the week. we will be publishing content while i’m away, so never fear — even though it will feel as though i’m working here, i’ll really be soaking up the sites of spain with coast to costa (the wonderful tour group i went to cuba with). i’m glad they’re guiding us because i’ve been so busy i’ve had zero time to research the trip like i usually do, so any insights you’d like to share, i’m all ears. do tell — what are your favorite places to eat, see, and shop in barcelona? xo, victoria

  1. i found a great number of tips from this journal — including gaudi’s park güell.
  2. i love the photography of salva lópez who’s based in barcelona, so i’ve been ogling his imagery to excite me for the trip.
  3. i’m really looking forward to seeing the colorful architecture — any tips on what we shouldn’t miss?
  4. dare we attempt the barcelona’s Swings at Tibidabo Mountain? i’m game for it!
  5. i went hunting for inspiration on a couple of other favorite photographers from the area — these shots are from Philippe LEJEANVRE and adriaan louw but not certain where they are — so if you recognize any of these cool spots, let me know!
  6. petite passport has some excellent travel guides and you can download them for a small fee on her site. i’ve grabbed a copy of the Barcelona guide and it looks excellent.
  7. tile for days! i cannot wait to see all the tile. i may go a little instagram crazy. forgive me in advance.

tall tan and blue apartment building. / sfgirlbybaypotted plants photographed on while shelf. / sfgirlbybaybarcelona's Swings at Tibidabo Mountain. / sfgirlbybaytravel photography inspiration. / sfgirlbybayinspiring european restaurant decor. / sfgirlbybayeuropean home exterior with planters. / sfgirlbybay outdoor market vegetable stand. / sfgirlbybaycolorful vintage wall tile. / sfgirlbybay

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