A Storied Nest Full of Pleasant Memories and Artwork

A Storied Nest Full of Pleasant Memories and Artwork, Design*Sponge

Nearly a century ago, an Italian set out to snag his piece of the American dream, his journey leading him to this farmhouse in the hamlet of Chappaqua, NY. How could he resist such a pleasant property? Especially one that boasted an apple orchard, stables and roaming cows. As he enjoyed the home and started a family, the property slowly began collecting memories and before he knew it, had transformed from a simple farm into a family heirloom rich in history. A history his granddaughter Grace B. Keogh, an artist, and her graphic designer husband John add to every day as the current proprietors of the land.

When they first moved in, Grace and John had one child and were planning on more, but the second level of the Colonial farmhouse looked more like a time capsule than the home of a growing brood. A dusty trove of decorations from 1920-1960, this floor was where the family’s bedrooms were to be set up so the couple had to work tirelessly to make it charming and livable. The home got everything: new wallpaper, flooring and even paint.

While John’s renovation skills gave life to Grace’s creative vision for the farm, it wouldn’t be what it is today without her work dotting its walls. A painter by trade, she created the collection herself, capturing rustic scenes and wildlife in her own personal style. Take a peek inside her studio, and you’ll find her most memorable creation: a set of family portraits. The square canvases show cousins, aunts, uncles and more, smiling and dressed in all types of colorful garb. What a fantastic addition to such a storied property.

Without a doubt the home’s new artwork and updates make it a looker, but its most invaluable accessory by far is the 1920s-era dining table. Since Grace’s grandfather bought the property in the 1920s it has hosted countless Christmas dinners and family weddings, and welcomed home soldiers from WWII. Pieces like that don’t come around every day, so you must click through and take a look. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Natasha Habermann

Image above: Annabelle is no fool. This pup knows the living room’s Crate & Barrel sofa is the sunniest spot in the house, so she’s quick to snag it when nap time comes around. To her left sits a houseplant that the Keoghs took off a friend’s hands when it was a mere 12 inches high. Now it boasts 6-foot stalks. The wall behind it is doused in Farrow & Ball “Arsenic.”

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/05/a-storied-nest-full-of-pleasant-memories-and-artwork.html


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