22 Architexture Feeds to Follow on Instagram

Architexture Feeds to Follow on Instagram on Design*Sponge

After growing up in a rural area and relocating to a small city, skyscrapers and cityscapes have always been something very special and mysterious to me. To this day, I question who all of those people are that sit behind a thousand windows. I like to imagine that each window holds some kind of story. Are they sitting behind a desk? What are they working on? What are their values and who do they care about? I am fascinated by the networks and roads that bring all of us together and how often we encounter similar views as our neighbors with different interpretations.

Each building we see was carefully planned, designed and built with a purpose that weaves together the texture of a city. As a designer, I crave this type of visual structure and organization, but my favorite moments are those that break the grid and catch us being human — an open window, a broken frame, chipped paint and blinds that are slightly crooked. Scrolling through Instagram, I know I am not alone in my fascination with the texture of cities and the quiet imperfections that show our humanity. These 22 Instagram feeds below reveal the same enchantment by sharing the rhythms of the built landscape, with a good eye for simplifying complexity and capturing the light and patterns reflected off of each surface. —Bethany

Image above: I can’t get over the beautiful candy palette of this building. @massimobrambi studies architectural pattern by repeating portions of windows, doors and balconies.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/05/22-architexture-feeds-to-follow-on-instagram.html


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