DIY Stitched Geometric Artwork

Lately I’ve been obsessed with geometric patterns. The balance between simple and bold, mesmerizing and minimal capture my imagination. So for today’s project we’ll be playing with geometric patterns, color, and drawing with thread to create gift-worthy, frame-ready artwork. It’s an easy, quick and inexpensive home decor project that requires minimal materials, and best of all, looks fancy. For added dimension I’ve used watercolors, but you can skip the watercolors and jump right to stitching the patterns with thread. Try using a colored card stock to stitch onto and playing with layered thread colors.

I’ve created several patterns, inspired by sacred geometry and gemstones, for you to try, but I encourage you to draw your own patterns or make it up as you go. This method of stitching on paper can be very intuitive, especially for making abstract, geometric patterns with straight lines. It can be as simple as making a few holes here and there on your paper and connecting them with thread to see what you get. Speaking of thread, I’ve used my stash of silk thread for a shimmer effect, but standard DMC embroidery floss is an excellent choice as well for this project. However you choose to make your geometric stitched artwork, I hope this project is a great jumping-off point for creativity and experimenting with pattern, color, and maybe a new technique for drawing with thread. —Jessica

from Design*Sponge


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