Shop Tour: Briddie’s Floret


Staying socially conscious with each stem sold is the goal of florist/owner, Bridget “Briddie” McKenna, based in San Diego, CA. Briddie’s Floret operates as a 501-c non-profit, donating 100% of its profits to a new organization every month. “Whether it’s the ACLU, UNICEF, or Black Lives Matter, the floret gives back,” Briddie shares. As an added bonus, this also makes purchases from the floret tax deductible. It’s this sort of giving back that truly makes Briddie’s Floret so remarkable. “In order to keep our overhead low, and have more funds for charities, we’ve created an online-only shop. We do deliver all over San Diego,” Briddie notes.

Perfect timing brought Briddie and the floret together, allowing her to give back to her community. “I had been looking for a space for a year,” she recalls. “Nothing quite fit. One afternoon, on a whim, I took my kids for lunch at our favorite local deli. We sat in a window seat facing the shop with a ‘for sale’ sign that was put up that day. I had always paid special attention to the shop since this is the [sane] shop [when] at the age of 16 I received my first flower. It was such a sweet, special memory, I bought [the shop] the next week. It has been a flower shop for 40 years and had not been on the market for 20 years.” Built in the mid-1970s, Briddie didn’t have to do much to the 225-square-foot shed to get it ready for business — besides replace the siding that suffered water damage. “I love all things old and imperfect, so this old shed really, really appealed to me. I chose to leave all the handmade and unconventional pieces in place.” Enjoy this shop tour of Briddie’s Floret! —Erin

Photography by Frank McKenna

Image above: A beautiful arrangement put together by Briddie, in the floral design area of her shop.

from Design*Sponge


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