Happy Mother’s Day + Best of the Web

This Mother’s Day is the first one with in-laws for me. What’s been most eyeopening for me this last year with my mother-in-law is how many different ways there are to be a mother. The way she raised my husband and his siblings is starkly different than the way my mother did things. They couldn’t be less alike but they both raised sets of kids that are compassionate, hardworking and creative. As much pressure as there is in the world (in person and online) to be the best mom in the world, it’s pretty evident to me that the best moms are the ones that use their unique experiences, skill sets and love to impact the lives of their children for good, despite what the latest trending articles say. Happy Mother’s Day to all moms of all kinds, from Design*Sponge. –Lauren

Card and image above by Mōglea.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/05/happy-mothers-day-best-of-the-web.html


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