An Ever-Changing Abode Built for Entertaining

An Ever-Changing Abode Built for Entertaining, Design*Sponge

Software consultant and owner of Salt & Honey Baking Company, Susie Brown and her husband Scott, a producer, are an imaginative couple. That being said, it’s unsurprising that this creative spirit of theirs frequently pushes them to seek out projects that keep their minds racing and their hands busy. Over the years this has not only helped them succeed in their many ventures, but it’s kept their home outside Cleveland, OH on its toes. It’s an entertainer’s paradise that never seems to look the same two days in a row.

It looks great today, but Susie and Scott tell us this “paradise” wasn’t always so enviable. When they moved in, outdated furnishings in brown and cream and a less-than-ideal kitchen greeted them. As the hosts of the family’s Christmas Eve get-togethers as well as countless friend and family dinners, this simply wouldn’t do. To make it more presentable for all occasions, the pair rolled up their sleeves and retiled, rewired, moved cabinetry around, and repainted the space. Without a doubt the kitchen is unrecognizable, but the room that got the most remarkable makeover has to be the bathroom. Originally it was doused in tan-colored everything, and ancient fixtures were the name of the game. Nowadays though, thanks to Susie’s stellar taste, it’s absolutely one of a kind. The home’s original forest green wallpaper is covered in hand-painted flowers and a cabinet in the same hue matches perfectly. All in all, it’s aces in my book.

While they frequently share their home with friends and family, Susie and Scott hope that one day they’ll get to enjoy their colorful space alongside a bouncing baby. Until that wish comes true, they will be right here in Ohio pinching themselves on the daily. “Surely this is all a dream,” they tell one another. Yep. They love their home that much, and we do too. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Susie Brown & Melody Taylor

Image above: The sunroom is easily the most popular room in Susie and Scott’s home. Because of this, the couple plopped two sofas into it to ensure there was enough seating for any number of guests. Throughout every one of its configurations, there has been one constant: the carpet. Susie and Scott just can’t seem to pull the trigger on new flooring, but when they do it’ll be of the bold, Moroccan variety. This room’s decorations were all thrifted.

from Design*Sponge


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