Paintings by Monica Lee + Best of the Web


When it comes to paintings, I am always most enamored by pieces that evoke emotion and are laden with thick, heavy brushstrokes. The works I gravitate towards when browsing flea markets for new paintings are packed with generous swaths of pigment, and they’re so rich you can see the bristle marks of the brush when you look close enough. So it’s no surprise that I was instantly drawn to the work of artist and creative mentor Monica Lee. Apart from her years hosting the Smart Creative Women podcast, Monica’s work as an artist has taken her to many places — including both London and Shanghai’s Fashion Weeks where she illustrated live from the runway.

Monica describes her work as, “intuitive, semi-abstract and impressionistic. My hope is that the work feels lush and makes the viewer feel the same” — yes, Monica, I’d say that your hopes are fulfilled. Check out more of Monica’s work here. Until Monday, have a fun and relaxing weekend! —Kelli

genesis_monicalee_art afterwards_monicalee



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