Elevating Plates: 13 Creative Plate Wall Displays


I love a plate wall. Great plates feel like works of art to me, so elevating (literally and figuratively) them to the level of traditional wall art has always felt right. I love when plate walls are simple and traditional and follow standard symmetrical shapes (we have two in our home, below), but I’ve loved seeing the way modern designers and homeowners have turned the tradition on its head by embracing more whimsical wall designs and mixing in everyday plates and other objects. Today I’m celebrating 13 of my favorite, from minimal monochrome designs like the one above to patterned neon styles. xo, grace

Image above: I love the way this minimal plate wall adds just the right amount of detail to this monochrome kitchen. Photo by Benjamin Moore. Below: We have two plate walls in our home upstate. This one is a mix of platters and plates handed down to us from both of our families. 



Kelly Wearstler‘s design for The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica has one of my favorite plate walls of all time. The dark blue/grey paint lets simple white plates shine.

Boligreportage fra Lisa Grues hjem i Fiolstræde.

Lisa Grue’s home contains not one but two (see below) plate wall displays.

Boligreportage fra Lisa Grues hjem i Fiolstræde.


Rebecca’s pale grey mantel works nicely with her collection of pastel plates.


This Salt Lake City home uses a soft grey wall as a backdrop for a collection of vintage plates.


This Laguna Beach hotel uses blue and white plates to play off of the room’s blue and white tiles.


This Polish home artfully combines traditional and modern ceramics.


This Texas home‘s plate wall adds pattern and detail to the dining room’s minimal feel.


Amy Merrick’s Brooklyn home has one of my favorite plate walls of all time: a celebration of Blue Willow (and Blue Willow-style) plates.


Elisabeth Dunker’s home has a soft blue and white plate wall display that matches the home’s pastel tones and mixes new and vintage plates.


Last but not least, Lisa Congdon’s old SF apartment was the plate wall that launched a thousand more plate walls. I love the artful flow of the plates.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/elevating-plates-12-creative-plate-wall-displays.html


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