Before & After: A Dreary Kitchen Gets A Bright Makeover for Spring


Author’s Note: We’re excited to bring you this post created with our partner, Lowe’s, who kindly provided the paint for this project!

When our teammate, Caitlin, was looking for a home, things seemed pretty bleak. While looking online, she dismissed one of the homes immediately. The photos for the listing were “a whole lot of brown” and filled with dark wood paneling nearly everywhere. She put in a contract on another home, but after the home inspection revealed major structural issues, she decided to look at the “brown monster” in person. When Caitlin and her daughter walked in, they were shocked by the amount of light the interior actually receives. The photos had appeared dark due to the huge windows covered with louvered shades. She found that with the shades pulled up and the 5-foot-by-5-foot skylight atop the pyramid roof, light streams in. All of that light and a Juliet balcony convinced Caitlin she could make the space her own.

Caitlin recently took on updating the kitchen with some new paint to see what longterm renovations she might need to save for and make. Relying on the power of color to wipe away the gloomy brown, her goal was to freshen the kitchen so she could enjoy a light, bright space and consider how she and her daughter moved around it and used it every day. The transformation the paint made in her space is inspiring. Caitlin now has the motivation to fully inhabit the kitchen and consider other longterm investments. She says the bright, glossy white and deep blue is a color palette she’s excited to live with for a long time. She made this spring refresh project her priority one weekend and was thrilled with the coverage and quality of the Valspar Reserve line. The thickness of the paint and the smooth coverage made the tedious task of painting cabinets with bevels a one-day project. Caitlin took a “whole lot of brown” and quickly made it a gorgeous space for her and her daughter to call home. –Lauren

from Design*Sponge


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