A Dynamic Home in Westport, CT Filled With Reminders of Brazil

A Dynamic Home in Westport, CT Filled With Beautiful Reminders of Brazil | Design*Sponge

Expressing personal style doesn’t happen overnight, especially when it comes to interiors. Each piece is typically selected over time until a home feels finished. Such is the case with Nana and Lucas Cunha, a couple who share a love for whimsical, iconic and meaningful design. Nana’s hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Lucas’ of Belo Horizonte, Brazil have also greatly influenced their aesthetic and love for quality, gorgeous pieces. This stylish couple and their three daughters, Catarina, Valentina, and Nina, share a home that reflects their tastes and personalities perfectly.

Lucas is a lawyer and Nana is a fashion stylist and business owner in New York City. Their lives can feel hectic in the city, so a few years ago, they set out to find a home to relax in — away from the noise in Westport, CT. “When we found Westport, it was everything we wanted: A charming city with good restaurants, stores we loved and lots of Brazilian friends living nearby,” Nana says. “The house was newly built, with large open spaces, an unbelievable area outdoors… it was the perfect oasis that would fit all our dreams and expectations of having a home.” The home has great natural light, coffered ceilings, spacious rooms and now it is filled with priceless furniture and sentimental pieces collected by Nana and Lucas over the years.

The Cunhas are great at mixing low- and high-end pieces seamlessly in their home. It is most important to them that their home is a place where their family loves to be and finds inspiration. They enlisted help from Brazilian architect and interior designer, Lenka Soares, to bring everything together. “It’s an ongoing process, it never ends. All the time I’m adding a different object or finding the perfect furniture for a certain spot,” Nana says. “We prefer to take our time to keep it within our real style.” Playful elements mix with hard lines, color breaks up neutral spaces, and large rooms are made to feel intimate in Lucas and Nana’s well designed home. –Lauren

Photography by Nana Cunha and Carla Cavellucci-Landi

Image above: Nana and Lucas’ master bedroom is layered in pattern, color and texture. “The bed frame is from Anthropologie and has little birds in it. I love wallpapers, and in my bedroom it couldn’t be different. The pattern is bunnies and flowers,” Nana shares. “My room is my enchanted forest!”

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/a-dynamic-home-in-westport-ct-filled-with-beautiful-reminders-of-brazil.html


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