10 Rooms Where Exposed Brick Rules

Jeff Mindell for LightLab-3

Perfectly painted drywall or plaster has a clean, easy aesthetic in homes and studios. Its versatility allows color schemes to change effortlessly. The charm and personality in rooms with enclosed walls comes from the pieces that fill the space, rather than the walls themselves. But exposed brick is full of character on its own. Whether it’s a section of wall or a whole room of brick, the historic feel of exposed brick gives a room a commanding statement. Less art and extras are needed in a space beautifully featuring brick. It’s a wow factor that doesn’t need much else. These 10 rooms show off how brick can be incorporated impeccably well in different design styles. –Lauren

Image above: Light Lab’s gorgeous studio is what happens when photographers Caroline and Jayden Lee and Anne Sage come together in the same space. The brick wall was opened up to add to the eclectic and modern aesthetic.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/10-rooms-where-exposed-brick-rules.html


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