A 1914 Pharmacy Becomes A Restaurant In Davidson, NC

Kindred for Design*Sponge

What is now home to famed restaurant Kindred, named for Chef Joe and wife/sommelier Katy Kindred, is where the Davidson, NC town pharmacy once stood. Sitting on Main Street, in the heart of the small town outside of Charlotte, the Kindreds restored the building, built in 1914, while holding true to its historic feel when designing. Katy, who led the design herself, built a piece of the old pharmacy into the bar. Folding modern elements with the historical ones allowed for a fresh, current space that still feels warm and familiar.

Kindred brings a blend of global experiences and southern traditions to their chef-driven restaurant. Chef Joe creates dishes that provide a brand new experience for each guest from a menu that rotates each week through Kindred’s commitment to sourcing ingredients from local farmers and foragers. Star dishes include the Crispy Oysters with Dill Yogurt and Calabrian Chile Oil; Squid Ink Conchiglie with NC Shrimp and Sea Urchin Butter; Milk Bread with House Cultured Butter; Scallops a la Plancha with Kohlrabi, Beets, Fennel, and Pomegranate; and Chocolate Birthday Cake, for any occasion.

“It was a very tricky renovation,” Joe and Katy share. “We wanted to achieve a ‘this has always been here’ feel, so hiding a lot of the mechanical and commercial elements (hoods, kitchen, etc.) was tricky. The renovation took about nine months. We had to put the kitchen in the basement in order to maintain the feel and look we were going for, and in order to do that we had to remove the entire foundation and dig down 12 inches before pouring a new floor to get the proper ceiling height to make it happen. The guys literally used shovels and buckets since no large equipment could get into the turn-of-the-century cellar basement! Now there is a little arched doorway on the side that takes you to a 10-person Chef’s Table in the kitchen basement. One of our more popular tables.”

From Kindred’s preservation of original features like exposed brick and unique architectural details to their mindfulness of the building’s original life and era, this “new” restaurant feels like a step into the past. Enjoy!  —Erin

Photography by Justin Smith and Chad Macy

Image above: The exterior of Kindred. The tile work with the restaurant’s name is a truly special touch.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/a-1914-pharmacy-becomes-home-to-a-beautiful-restaurant-in-davidson-nc.html


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