14 Rooms Where Vintage Portraits Shine


When I rented my first apartment, one of the first things I did was start visiting thrift stores and flea markets to look for vintage paintings. I found myself drawn to portraits and inspired by the way that one of my favorite shops, Fishs Eddy, used masses of vintage portraits to decorate their space. I’m always wondering who these people are, what their backstories are, and who painted them: Were they friends? Family? Did they sit for the painter in an art class? I may never know the answers, but I do know that vintage portraits are always in style in my book. They add such a wonderful sense of texture, history and interest to a room. So today I’m sharing 15 of my favorite rooms that celebrate vintage portraits in a big way. Enjoy! xo, grace

Image above: Paige Morse’s “feral shed makeover” highlights a beautiful collection of vintage portraits of women throughout the space. 


Image above: This adorable southern cottage transforms a tiny space with a striking collection of vintage and antique portraits that add a historic/nautical feel. 


This collection of vintage paintings in Benjamin’s home is given special significance in the entryway with a dedicated art lamp above.


This San Francisco home uses portraits to draw attention to a quiet corner.


Heather and Bobby’s home uses vintage portraits in almost every room — embracing them framed and unframed to decorate walls and stairways (above and below).





This Detroit home uses a mix of vintage and modern portraiture to create a dramatic gallery wall in the living room.


Gabriel and Olivier use a mix of vintage portraits in elegant frames to accent their entryway wall.


This Seattle home uses a green half-wall to set off the green in the collection of vintage and antique portraits hanging above.


This Tennessee home uses peach and green accents above the mantel to set the tone in the room. The crowning glory is this stunning vintage portrait of a woman in a peach jacket.


David and Rumaan’s Brooklyn home uses an impressive collection of George Washington portraits to make a bold statement in the family’s dining room (below).


from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/15-rooms-where-vintage-portraits-shine.html


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