10 Spaces that Use Pillows to Soften and Style


Pillows might be my favorite styling tool. They bring color, texture, pattern and comfort into a space. They’re less expensive than most accessories and furniture and can be easily swapped, recovered or stored to update a space for the season. Pillows aren’t just a way to decorate a couch — they can be used as extra seating on the floor, a backrest for a daybed or bench, or as extra cushion on a piece of un-upholstered furniture. We have 10 styling examples to show you how pillows add a soft, welcoming presence to any space, indoor and out. –Lauren

Image above: Matthew and Lauren’s second bedroom in their Chicago, IL home was given purpose with a daybed built by Lauren’s father and Matthew. The bed is styled with pillows for a faux backrest to make the room versatile between an extra living space and a place for overnight guests.


from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/10-spaces-that-use-pillows-to-soften-and-style.html


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