Finished Redesign Notes + Best of the Web


Over the past almost 13 (!) years, Design*Sponge has continued to evolve, change and grow based on your requests, feedback and viewing patterns. Last week we soft-launched a brighter, bigger redesign of our home page and after some very helpful (thank you!) suggestions and comments, we’re finally live with what we feel is our final version of this design. What did we learn from last week? You requested an easier way to browse by “most recent” posts and to be able to view those archives in case you’re catching up every few days, rather than daily. So in each of our (now clearly labeled) home page sections, you’ll see a “read more” link that takes you to the dated archives of that content section. BUT, if you only want to view what’s newest, in date order, just check out our featured top post and the next section called “Latest.” You’ll see the most recent 9 posts (just like our old design) and an option to “read more Latest.” If you click that button you’ll see the week’s posts broken down by day, so you’ll never have to wonder if you missed anything or struggle to find something recent. We really appreciate your feedback and it’s been so helpful to work that into this flexible and evolving redesign that helped us incorporate your initial feedback (bigger pictures, bigger text, no more slideshows). Here’s to always growing, changing and evolving with the times. xo, grace

*Image above by Deanne Cheuk for DS Wallpapers, all of which you can download here!





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