The Very Best Dark Chocolate (Ever)


I’ve been thinking about everyday indulgences a lot lately — those little things we do or keep at home to make ourselves feel taken care of and special. For me, that usually takes the form of fresh flowers and a bar of good dark chocolate. If I’ve got those two things in our house, I’m a happy girl. So this week I’m sharing some of my go-to resources, in case you need an excuse for a little pick-me-up or just an everyday splurge. Today I’m starting with chocolate because, well, what’s better than that? xo, grace

*A quick note: last year I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and, after adopting a low-carb diet, I’ve discovered that very dark chocolate is the one treat my body can handle well because the high fat content and (lower sugar amount) slows down the absorption of sugar in my body. When you’ve limited yourself to one dessert option for a solid year, you become something of an obsessive researcher and tester, so I hope you’ll enjoy these options as much as I have.

from Design*Sponge


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