Candy-Colored Marbled Magnets for Your Easter Basket


Like Halloween, Easter tends to be one of those special occasions that can be fueled by candy. We’ve been coming up with candy-alternatives for holidays for the last few years in our family, and these magnets are one of my favorite ways to celebrate the tradition of sweet confections tucked in a beautiful basket — without any ill-effects. There’s always a favorite chocolate or treat in there too, but these beauties are the star of the show. I also love that they encourage my daughter to post her own notables on the fridge! If you’re looking for a less-sugar, more-creative way to celebrate too, this simple DIY is perfect for an Easter basket treat or just dressing up your refrigerator any day of the week. –Caitlin

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Waverly Inspirations. This project, ideas, and words are from us here at D*S and were created by us,  for you and your family. Thanks for supporting our sponsors that help us create and publish original content like this. The Waverly Inspirations collection is available at Walmart.

from Design*Sponge


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