The Second Time’s a Charm for Two Portland, OR Homeowners

The Second Time's a Charm for Two Portland, OR Homeowners, Design*SpongeMary Kyser, the Creative Director of Portland, OR studio makelike, and her wife Niki readily admit their first home simply didn’t suit them. The kitchen was too small, the lack of a dining room meant entertaining was a no-go, and the house had been stripped of any charm it once had. The property was such an ill-fit they had to get out, and get out they did. While driving one day, Mary came across a “For Sale” sign in front of a charming Craftsman in a great neighborhood. Situated near the perfect school and dripping with potential, it was sure to be snatched up quickly — so Mary bought the house without Niki having ever stepped inside. Now that is trust.

Built in 1915, the home did leave a little to the imagination. Thirty-seven (yes, 37) of its windows were broken, the kitchen needed updating and the bathroom was less than ideal. But all these setbacks proved to pale in comparison to the couple’s drive to build a warm and welcoming retreat for their future family. Since moving in, the women have installed a brand new bathroom, decked out the kitchen in eye-catching wallpaper and used products from makelike to give their dining room a touch of whimsy.

With construction complete, Mary went about decorating each room in a vibrant mix of vintage and secondhand finds. As you’ll see, many of the home’s furnishings were passed down to her from her grandmother and fit perfectly with the space’s old-world charm. Not all of the accoutrements are throwbacks, though. Tucked amongst the century-old built-in cabinetry and original beams are cranberry chairs, a playful yellow front door and colorful rugs from across the world.

All in all, the accessories work wonders for this once derelict property, but the couple’s favorite addition to their home has to be their twins Margaret and Oliver. Both six years old, the pair has grown up here and infused the space with countless memories sure to last a lifetime. Click through to take a look inside the love-filled Craftsman. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Olivia Ashton

Image above: Mary and Niki’s daughter Margaret’s room features a sweet floral wallpaper and abundant natural light thanks to the many windows.

from Design*Sponge


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