10 Canopy and Four-Poster Beds to Inspire


When I was little, all I wanted in the world was a canopy bed. And a kitten. I was lucky enough to get the latter, but the former dream never came to life. Now as an adult I find myself pinning and saving pictures of them left and right. There’s something wonderfully fairy tale about them and whether they’re modern or traditional, they always add a sense of grandeur to any bedroom. So today I’m celebrating 10 of my favorite canopy and four-poster beds from past home tours. Sweet dreams! xo, grace

Image above: Susan and William Brinson’s Stonyford home includes this gorgeous gold canopy bed, set against a backdrop of dramatic floral wallpaper. 


Image above: This Nashville home features our favorite IKEA canopy bed and some great modern toile wallpaper. 


Lyndsay and Fitzhugh’s Brooklyn home features a hand-carved four-poster bed made of natural un-coated wood.


Megan Pflug’s DIY Canopy project turns any bed into an instant grown-up canopy bed!


Joslyn’s home uses bright green and yellow as accent colors against a chunky modern canopy bed.


This modern London home uses warm colors to highlight a contemporary canopy bed.


Susanna’s home features one of my favorite canopy beds, a sleek iron version that feels open and airy.


The Emersonmade homestead includes these amazing antique four-poster beds, painted a cheerful sunshine yellow for the guest room.


This Dutch canal home includes a dramatic bedroom with curtains that highlight an antique wooden canopy bed.


This Philadelphia home has a handmade canopy bed that mixes steel and raw wood.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/10-canopy-and-four-poster-beds-to-inspire.html


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