A Garden Retreat Honoring Antiques and Treasures in Oysterville, WA

Bradley Huson Sneak Peek tour on Design*Sponge

With the onset of the economic crisis in 2009, veteran landscape designer and interior decorator Bradley Huson seized the opportunity to take some time off from working at his companies Madison Park Interiors and Bradley Huson Landscaping to realize his dream of a beach house that would allow him to escape city life in Seattle and work on a large garden. A native of Washington state, he found what he was looking for in Oysterville, WA, an enclave located on the tip of the Longbeach Peninsula that he enjoyed visiting as a child. Designated as a National Historical District, Oysterville’s charm comes largely from its coastal location, storied history and tirelessly maintained historical buildings. Given Oysterville’s historic status and the fact that there are few properties in the area, pickings were slim and Bradley bought the one and only house available at the time.

Originally built as two structures in 1870 by W. D. Taylor, a Loomis Stage Line driver, they were combined around 1900 to the single home standing now — which is known locally as the W. D. Taylor House. Later in the 1930s the home was bought by the Nelson family who set up an oyster smoking business in the backyard, which they ran into the 1950s (the space is now a beautiful hydrangea garden).

At 1,600 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry/mud room and garage, the current home is the perfect size for Bradley, his partner Dan, their two dogs, and the occasional dinner party. But it took years of work to bring the property up to snuff. After buying the home, Bradley and his then 73-year-old mother drove down from Seattle with a truck full of furniture and spent their first day ripping out carpet and cleaning. Later Bradley’s father came to help with the renovation work in which they tore false ceilings out of many rooms and painted over dark orange and mustard yellow walls. Further work involved re-wiring the electrical, re-doing the fireplace and overhauling the kitchen and bathrooms. Overall, Bradley says his goal was not to have a home that looked decorated but rather “junky,” which he says with a wink. Whatever he wants to call it, it’s a feast for the eyes with color, texture, antiques and pieces that tell a unique story. —Allison

Photography by Mikola Accuardi

Image above: The library has wall-to-wall metal shelving which was made by Bradley’s partner, Dan. It houses some of their favorite paintings as well as collections of special treasures that have either been found or gifted to them.

from Design*Sponge http://www.designsponge.com/2017/04/sneak-peek-a-retreat-in-oysterville.html


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