The 10 Most Popular Home Tours of 2016


Now that it’s spring and it feels like new styles, trends and designs are getting ready to be unveiled at trade shows, I’ve been thinking about what “the look” of 2017 will be. Everywhere I look it feels like bright colors and patterns with texture are making a comeback, but it still feels too early to call what this year’s look is going to be. So before we look forward, I thought it would be fun to look back — at the 10 most popular home tours from 2016 (based on your clicks, comments and shares). So many of my personal favorites are in this mix and I love seeing how different each of these homes are. Enjoy the trip down home-design memory lane! xo, grace

Image above: David and Rumaan’s Brooklyn home, one of my favorite home tours we’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing over the past 13 years. 

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Image above: I’ve never responded as strongly and quickly to a home tour as I did to David and Rumaan’s incredible Brooklyn home. The design decisions are beyond fantastic, but more important than that is the obvious love for life and family that fills each photo.


Image above: Melissa and Keye’s Brooklyn apartment is an ode to chic black-and-white minimalism — with a great dose of natural wood. Clearly their cat is enjoying the contemporary-cool style.


Image above: Candis Cayne is a personal hero of mine, and getting to share her GORGEOUS LA home here on DS was a dream come true. The color, the tiles, the Moroccan detailing — it’s all my idea of California perfect.


Image above: Beloved designer and blogger Orlando Soria’s condo makeover knocked our collective socks off. I think about this bedroom design all the time — that platform bed is dreamy.


Image above: Clay and Lisa’s Portland home is filled with pattern and mid-century details, which readers responded to strongly. This bathroom and the beautiful wallpaper Lisa designed were a huge hit.


Image above: Amanda and Andrew’s midwestern home is full of simple but homey accents (be sure to check out their kitchen light made from an industrial whisk!) that struck a chord with readers.


Image above: Nadia and Mark’s home oozes the sort of dark-and-moody vibes that we craved this winter. The black accent walls are warmed up with brass detailing and plenty of greenery.


Image above: This Nashville home captures the spirit of 2016 for me: clean white walls offset with colorful textiles and plenty of beautiful houseplants.


Image above: This historic Columbus, Ohio townhouse blew us all away with its tiled black and white bathroom.


Image above: Ali and Jeremy’s house contains one of our favorite kitchens we’ve ever run. Those gorgeous green cabinets, brass hardware and brightly colored accent rugs make this room a slam-dunk.

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